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Extending your property can add a whole new dimension to your living environment. Whether creating a new bedroom, study space or leisure room, an extension can not only add to the comfort of your home but can also add to the value of your property.

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An Extension to Your Home

Extensions should naturally complement the original design and blend in with the surrounding area. Great care is taken when choosing the materials to match the existing dwelling. Before we purchase any key items such as bricks, roof tiles, etc., we always provide samples to ensure you are satisfied. 

The doors and windows will be positioned to enhance the amount of light flowing through, achieving a warm and welcoming feeling throughout your home. All of your windows and doors will be built to match the existing building as much as possible, and of course, you will receive doubleglazing. 

Whether your development is a simple conversion or a fivebedroom luxury house, our standard is consistently high throughout. Our quality is also reflected in our excellent staff, who will endeavour to help with any onsite queries or problems. 

Your design will be laid out to make the best possible use of available space and will be full of those little touches that turn an extension into part of your home. 

As well as extensions, Acorn Building Contracts also do groundworks,roofingand decorating & plastering. For more information, fill out the contact form below or call us on 02380 243 336 or 02381 780 546.

Our Complete Service: 

  • Initial Consultation
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  • Fixed Quotation
  • Competitive Prices
  • Full Planning Service
  • Planning and Building Regulation Requirements
  • Qualified Tradesmen
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At Acorn Building Contracts Ltd, we will tailor our services to meet your requirements in all areas of Southampton and Winchester. This can be from providing the labour force to carry out the work with you supplying the drawings or our full service. 

Not all extensions require full planning permission; some may only need building regulation approval. We can advise on this during the initial consultation. 

Why not make use of this wasted area in your roof and convert it into part of your living space and add value to your property? 

Acorn Building Contracts inside conservatory

Types of House Extension 

There is a range of different extension types that can be installed depending on your requirements, property, and available space. Here at Acorn Building Contracts Ltd, we can carry out all types of home extensions and complete them to the highest of standards. The types of extension we can carry out include: 

  • SingleStorey Extensions 
  • DoubleStorey Extensions 
  • WrapAround Extensions 
  • OverStructure Extensions


Single-Storey Extensions 

A singlestorey extension is a fantastic way to increase the amount of living space available downstairs. You will require sufficient space at the rear of your property to have this extension installed and may need to apply for planning permission, but it will increase both the size and value of your property. 

With a singlestorey extension, our team can completely transform the interior of your home. We can create a large and airy open plan kitchen, dining, and living area utilising the extra space from the extension. Alternatively, you can implement an extension as a way to increase the size of individual rooms on the ground floor of your home. 

DoubleStorey Extensions

With a doublestorey extension, not only will you be benefitting from extending the ground floor of your home, but you will also be extending the top floor too. You may need to apply for planning permission for this type of extension, but this is something our team can assist you with. While a doublestorey home extension is more costly, it will increase the value of your home, making it a great investment. 

By having a doublestorey extension installed, you can create a larger family kitchen and dining area downstairs while adding additional bedrooms and a family bathroom upstairs. Or, if you wish to have a truly spectacular dining area in which to entertain guests, you can use the height of the doublestorey extension to increase the ceiling height of your dining room. 

WrapAround Extensions 

wraparound home extension combines both a side and rear extension, creating an l-shaped extension on your property. This is the ideal type of extension if you wish to create a spacious, open plan living area on the ground floor of your home. Your wraparound extension can completely transform the interior design of your home, so you can benefit from an airy and open kitchen, dining, and living room. 

This type of extension can also be used to add an extra bedroom, a playroom for the kids, or even a spacious home office, should you need one. A wraparound extension can be more costly than a standard singlestorey extension, but it will add much more value to your property and provide increased flexibility for living areas. 

OverStructure Extensions 

An overstructure extension is more commonly known as a garage extension, as it is an extension that is built over existing structures such as your garage. Most homes have a singlestorey garage attached to their home, and it is a great opportunity to increase the space in your home. By installing an extension over the top of your garage, you can create a spacious master bedroom with an en suite bathroom, or you can even build a completely separate unit, otherwise known as a granny annexe. 

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